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Callie Rogers scooped the jackpot aged just 16 but frittered.A Berrien County woman is thrilled over winning a Georgia Lottery prize.Most of us spend our teenage years worrying about exams, struggling with our first relationships and.

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He famously toasted his lottery win with Coca-Cola because, at 17, he was too young to drink spirits.Biggest Lottery Winners. having talked to the lottery winners they revealed that all their.Texas lottery millionaire regrets winning ticket JOURDANTON - Juan Rodriguez wanted nothing more than to be one of the guys in rural South Texas where he was raised.

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Besides a new house or a cruise, here are other ways past lottery winners have spent their prize money.

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At 16, Callie was the youngest person ever to win the lottery in the United Kingdom, and her inexperience was sadly evident in the way she managed her money.

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North West lottery winners united to help young homeless people Photo: National Lottery National Lottery winners from across the North West, who are worth.

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Past lottery winners weigh in on losing friends, becoming spectacles, and increasing the odds of striking it rich.

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At the behest of her best friend, Brenda Young of Ray City played the instant game Big Bucks.

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Each of these lottery winners walked away with millions of dollars.The young man had just enough time to show up at the. it also managed to leave enough drugs intact for the lottery-winning genius to be placed under arrest as soon...

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